Fire monitors

Fire monitors
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  1. TFT Crossfire monitor 2x2,5'' inlet TFT Task Force Tips
    €6,816.39 €5,633.38
  2. TFT Oscillating Partner Lite monitor TFT Task Force Tips
    €4,754.63 €3,929.45
  3. TFT Hemisphere extinguishmonitor 2,5" TFT Task Force Tips
    €4,249.01 €3,511.58
  4. TFT Oscillating Partner fire monitor TFT Task Force Tips
    €7,676.46 €6,344.18
  5. Tornado RC monitor TFT Task Force Tips
    €9,748.56 €8,056.66
  6. Monitor HH 1260 AWG
    €3,052.83 €2,523.00
  7. TFT Masterfix nozzle TFT Task Force Tips
    €802.30 €663.06
  8. TFT Maxmatic auto 400-2000 TFT Task Force Tips
    €1,489.07 €1,230.64
  9. TFT MaxForce Nozzle lage druk 2000 TFT Task Force Tips
    €1,514.75 €1,251.86
  10. TFT Mastermatic 4500 SP TFT Task Force Tips
    €1,765.08 €1,458.74
  11. TFT Fliptip 2 2,5" BSP TFT Task Force Tips
    €994.86 €822.20
  12. Partner Lite Hanging Bracket TFT Task Force Tips
    €360.18 €297.67
  13. TFT LX-Foamjet Master TFT Task Force Tips
    €994.86 €822.20
  14. Nozzle MZ 2000 AWG
    €605.00 €500.00
  15. Iconos 3D Extinguishing cone Iconos
    €2,250.60 €1,860.00
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At Hobrand you will find fire monitors and water cannons for the fire brigade, shipping industry and industry.


Our high-quality extinguishing monitors are frequently used in large fires and can stand alone or be easily mounted on e.g. a container or a steel pipe. This allows you to extinguish from any desired angle without problems. They can also be quickly rotated or disconnected so that the water is always sprayed from the best direction. Unique to the TFT monitors is that the models Blitzforce and Crossfire are equipped with a unique locking mechanism for extra safety! The fire monitors can be used in every sector and are available in various versions.

Do you have any questions about our monitors and/or water cannon? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help you!