Foam concentrates

Foam concentrates
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  1. Oefenschuim N 3% F-0 20L Dr. Sthamer
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  2. Oefenschuim N 3% F-0 200L Dr. Sthamer
    €937.75 €775.00
  3. Foam master 3F 3/6 20L
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  4. Foam Master 3F 6/6 20L
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Foam forming agent

Foam forming agent (SVM) for the fire brigade, industry and shipping industry but also for anyone who has to deal with fire protection systems using foam. These include architects and consulting engineers, property developers, technical service personnel who maintain the system, those responsible for fire safety and contractors and executing agents.

Extinguishing with foam

Fire can only start through the combination of a fuel, oxygen and a sufficiently high temperature. Foam is a very effective extinguishing agent due to the following properties:

Separating effect: a closed foam blanket separates fuel from oxygen
Cooling effect: water in foam evaporates, therefore heat is extracted from the fire
Vapour suppression: a closed foam blanket prevents the further formation of gas vapours of the fuel 
Displacement effect: because foam accumulates in small spaces, oxygen is displaced here
Insulating effect: the low thermal conductivity of foam insulates the fuel that has not yet ignited and protects it from heat
Film formation: one of the most important properties of extinguishing foam is the formation of a film layer on the fuel. This cuts off the fuel from oxygen and makes ignition impossible.
Buying fire-fighting foam

When purchasing fire-fighting foams, it is first necessary to investigate which type of foam concentrate is best for the optimum fire-fighting of the object. Here the environment, the costs of purchase and maintenance, the requirements, regulations and standards, technical possibilities, etc. are taken into account.

3 Type of foam forming agent

Based on chemical composition and area of application, we distinguish 3 main groups of SVM:

Synthetic SVM: AF, AFFF-AR, multipurpose, High-Ex
Protein SVM: 'Oxblood', FP, FFFP-AR
Training SVM and 'Wetting Agents': raining foam, wetting agent, Class A SVM
Testing of fire-fighting foams

In addition to the sale of foam-forming agents Hobrand has a laboratory for testing your fire-fighting foams. Regularly analysing foam concentrate in foam installations gives you the knowledge of the current quality of the concentrate. Taking a foam sample must be done in a precise manner; we have guidelines for this. You can take the foam sample yourself and send it to Hobrand in Tiel for analysis. However, if you wish, Hobrand can also take the foam sample for you.