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  1. Honda Generator EU 10i Honda
    €1,098.99 €908.26
  2. Honda Generator EU 22i Honda
    €1,649.00 €1,362.81
  3. Generator honda EU 30iS Honda
    €2,949.00 €2,437.19
  4. Honda Generator EU 70IS Honda
    €6,069.00 €5,015.70
  5. Generator Honda EC 3600 - Industry Honda
    €1,687.95 €1,395.00
  6. Honda GENERATOR EM 5500CXS Honda
    €3,399.00 €2,809.09
  7. Geko Generator 2801 BZK Geko
    €2,964.50 €2,450.00
  8. Geko generator 4401 STD Geko
    €2,807.20 €2,320.00
  9. Geko silent 4402 Elec Geko
    €3,787.30 €3,130.00
  10. Geko Generator 5401 Elec Geko
    €3,702.60 €3,060.00
  11. Geko insulation monitor Geko
    €567.49 €469.00
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In our assortment we have several power packs of professional brands Geko and Honda. The generators can be used for generating extra power and the pumps for pumping away unwanted dirty or clean water. Applications: events, construction, fire brigade, agricultural companies, horticulture, industrial or other sectors.


Would you like to rent a generator directly? Renting generators starts at Hobrand, for your event, festival, industrial or other application. Hobrand has the right solution.


Are you looking for petrol or diesel generators? We offer a complete range of generators for private use as well as for companies and authorities. For heavy jobs you can buy a power generator on petrol or diesel of the brand Geko or Honda. We ship generators but you can also pick them up at our location in Tiel.