Radiation meters


Portable radiation meters for measuring gases in confined spaces. Such radiation, like X-rays and radioactivity, cannot be detected by human senses. Improve the safety of yourself and your employees with a portable and personal gas detector. These devices go into alarm when certain dangerous situations arise. These gas detectors give your employees the chance to get themselves to safety when they are in such a situation. You have come to the right place at Hobrand for gamma and neutron radiation measurements. Are you looking for a radiation meter or gas detection meter? Do you want to make a confined space gas-free? Personal protection? Would you like a gas-free declaration for a container? Do you want a gas leak detector? Hobrand can help you with this.


In addition to advising on and selling gas detection equipment, we can also inspect your gas detection equipment. The inspection comprises: visual inspection, zero point calibration, calibration of the sensor with ISO certified gas and verification of the various alarms. The inspection of a gas detection pump consists of: visual inspection, pump counter check and a leakage test.