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  1. Submersible pump Mast K2 Mast
    €290.40 €240.00
  2. Submersible pump Mast K 2 S Mast
    €314.60 €260.00
  3. Submersible pump Mast K5 Mast
    €447.70 €370.00
  4. Submersible pump Mast T 6 L Mast
    €1,754.50 €1,450.00
  5. Submersible pump Mast TP 4-1 Mast
    €1,778.70 €1,470.00
  6. Submersible pump Ready 4 with float Flygt Pompen
    €1,004.30 €830.00
  7. Submersible pump Ready 4 Flygt Pompen
    €906.29 €749.00
  8. Submersible pump Ready 8 Flygt Pompen
    €1,429.01 €1,181.00
  9. Submersible pump Ready 8 S Flygt Pompen
    €1,815.00 €1,500.00
  10. Submersible pump Spechtensauer Tegernsee TP 4/1 Spechtenhauser
    €1,802.90 €1,490.00
  11. Spechtenhauser Atlantica B-D Spechtenhauser
    €7,973.90 €6,590.00
  12. Chiemsee Wastewater pump NK81 1640 L Spechtenhauser
    €6,062.10 €5,010.00
  13. Chiemsee B Wastewater pump Spechtenhauser
    €4,259.20 €3,520.00
  14. Chiemsee A Wastewater pump Spechtenhauser
    €4,259.20 €3,520.00
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1-15 of 27 items

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Hobrand has various pumps in its range, such as water pumps, submersible pumps and motor pumps.  


A dirty water pump is usually used in the building industry and by the fire brigade, where, after (heavy) rainfall, puddles of water can form that can impede progress. But private individuals can also be affected, for example, by cellars flooded with dirty water. In order to be able to deal with these situations as quickly as possible you will need to purchase a waste water pump. Hobrand has a complete range of water pumps in various price ranges.


Submersible pumps for pumping away unwanted dirty or clean water. This is not only useful in case of flooding but also to empty a swimming pool or pond and then supply them with new water.


When a submersible pump is fitted with a float it can prevent the pump running dry. A float floats on the water, so it rises with the water level. As soon as the float reaches a certain height, it reaches the switch-on level of the pump. The float then ensures that the pump is switched on and continues to operate until the switch-off level is reached.