Lifting equipment

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  1. Vetter Lift bag set 1/23 1 Bar Vetter
    €9,179.06 €7,586.00
  2. Vetter lift cushion 1/9 1 Bar Vetter
    €2,367.97 €1,957.00
  3. Vetter dubble control unit 1 bar Vetter
    €845.79 €699.00
  4. Lifting bag V10 Aramide 8 Bar Vetter
    €586.85 €485.00
  5. Vetter Lifting bag V12 Aramide 8 Bar Vetter
    €723.58 €598.00
  6. Lifting bag V18 Aramide 8 Bar Vetter
    €836.11 €691.00
  7. Vetter Lifting bag V20 Aramide 8 Bar Vetter
    €941.38 €778.00
  8. Vetter Lifting bag V 24 Aramide 8 Bar Vetter
    €1,010.35 €835.00
  9. Lifting jack 30 Kn
    €422.29 €349.00
  10. lifting jack 50 Kn
    €598.95 €495.00
  11. Lifting jack 100 Kn
    €895.40 €740.00
  12. Vetter S.Tec lifting bags V 5 Vetter
    €436.81 €361.00
  13. Vetter S.Tec lifting bags V 7 Vetter
    €555.39 €459.00
  14. Vetter S.Tec lifting bags V 10 Vetter
    €704.22 €582.00
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1-15 of 36 items

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Vetter lifting cushions

S.Tec liftcushions for every rescue operation

Vetter's S.Tec stackable lift cushions provide assistance in lifting various objects at variable heights. With its 12 bar lifting force and an insertion height of only 2.5 cm, the S.Tec stackable lift cushion offers 50% more performance than conventional lift cushions. Available in various sizes and with a lifting capacity of up to 102 tonnes.

C.Tec stackable liftcushions for extra stability

The Vetter stackable lifting cushions C.Tec are the perfect solution for quick turnaround in critical situations. They combine the lifting capacity of the Mini liftcushion and the height of the liftcushion of the well-known Vetter 1 bar liftcushion. This allows for the possibility of responding to variable heights of up to 2.10 metres at any time. Thanks to the tool-free connection technology, the liftcushions are ready to use in a few seconds. The load plate integrated in the lifting cushion ensures a high degree of stability and load capacity during lifting.

S.Tec and C.Tec accessories

The Vetter accessories, such as a connection plate and a bag for transporting the lifting cushions, are also available in our webshop.