Thermal camera TIC

Thermal camera TIC
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  1. FLIR K2 thermal imaging camera Flir
    €1,692.79 €1,399.00
  2. FLIR K45 thermal imaging camera Flir
    €4,959.79 €4,099.00
  3. FLIR K55 thermal imaging camera Flir
    €6,411.79 €5,299.00
  4. FLIR K65 thermal imaging camera Flir
    €7,863.79 €6,499.00
  5. Li-Ion battery pack K45/55/65 Flir
    €197.23 €163.00
  6. FLIR retractable Lanyard Flir
    €90.75 €75.00
  7. FLIR Voertuiglader K45/55/65 Flir
    €798.60 €660.00
  8. FLIR Transportkoffer K45/55/65 Flir
    €313.39 €259.00
  9. Flir K1 Warmtebeeldcamera Flir
    €724.79 €599.00
  10. Flir Transportkoffer Kx series Flir
    €275.88 €228.00
  11. Flir C5 Warmtebeeldcamera Flir
    €786.50 €650.00
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Thermal imaging cameras

Thermal imaging cameras detect heat that the eye cannot see. Based on the intensity of the Infrared radiation, the thermal imager determines the temperature of the object's surface and makes it visible to the human eye in a thermal image.

Using a thermal imaging camera

Thermal imaging cameras are used as an important navigation tool for gathering information that can help save lives. The thermal imaging camera only visualises temperatures on the surface of the object. Hobrand thermal imagers are valuable orientation aids when fire, smoke and darkness make navigation difficult. Designed for orientation and to see where you are going and for tracing persons or glowing fires.

Flir thermal imaging camera for Safety Regions

In 2017, we have already been able to deliver more than 200 Flir thermal imaging cameras to 4 Safety Regions in the Netherlands. Within Fire Services Netherlands, experience has shown that proper instruction regarding the use and possibilities of a thermal imaging camera is a necessity. Through extensive instruction, the added value of the Flir thermal camera for the users is clearly increased.

Rent a thermal imaging camera?

Would you like to rent an infrared camera? Ask Hobrand about the possibilities, contact us via Tel 0344663344.