Wildland firefighting

Wildland firefighting
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  1. Vallfirest Gorgui V2 black Vallfirest
    €223.85 €185.00
  2. Vallfirest Xtreme Mask + P3 filter Vallfirest
    €111.93 €92.50
  3. Vallfirest Fire pump BH1 Vallfirest
    As low as €1,566.95 €1,295.00
  4. Vallfirest Xtreme Pack Vallfirest
    €235.95 €195.00
  5. Vallfirest slangendraag rugzak Vallfirest
    €366.03 €302.50
  6. VFT Fire pump Black Panther 4 Vallfirest
    €4,779.50 €3,950.00
  7. Vallfirest Fire pump BH4-13 Vallfirest
    €4,567.75 €3,775.00
  8. Vallfirest Fire pump BH4-18 Vallfirest
    €5,553.90 €4,590.00
  9. Vallfirest Fire pump BH4-23 Vallfirest
    €5,747.50 €4,750.00
  10. Vallfirest Gorgui classic Vallfirest
    €127.05 €105.00
  11. Vallfirest Drip torch 1L Vallfirest
    €213.57 €176.50
  12. Fire whip without stem
    €27.76 €22.94
  13. Stem fire whip
    €5.54 €4.58
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Hobrand advises on and supplies professional tools for natural fire fighting. Fire fighting is the oldest and most important task of the fire brigade. The aim of fire fighting is of course to extinguish a fire but also to rescue and evacuate victims, prevent damage or avoid inconvenience. Different types of fire can be distinguished and each type has certain characteristics which influence the method of fighting the fire. Natural fire is a collective term for forest fire, moorland fire, peat fire or dune fire. The most important characteristic of a wildfire is that in the vast majority of cases there is no supply of extinguishing water.


A fire whip is an indispensable and environmentally friendly means of extinguishing an incipient wildfire and sparks. You simply knock down the fire and the fire is stopped.


Hay fires are caused by the natural heating up of packed hay and straw. Prevent hay rust by using a hay rust meter. You can easily measure the temperature yourself with this hay growth meter. Extra tip: Hang a fire extinguisher near the hay storage.