Boots and work shoes

Boots and work shoes
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  1. Völkl Kommandant Völkl
    As low as €173.77 €143.61
  2. Haix Nevada 2.0 HAIX
    As low as €121.00 €100.00
  3. Haix Missoula 2.0 HAIX
    As low as €240.79 €199.00
  4. Haix Fire Eagle sporty fire fighting boot HAIX
    As low as €235.95 €195.00
  5. Haix Fire Eagle High HAIX
    As low as €272.25 €225.00
  6. Haix Fire Eagle Pro HAIX
    As low as €252.89 €209.00
  7. Haix Fire Eagle Vario HAIX
    As low as €220.22 €182.00
  8. Haix Fire Hero 2 HAIX
    As low as €337.59 €279.00
  9. Haix Special Fighter Pro HAIX
    As low as €208.12 €172.00
  10. Haix Fire Flash 2.0 HAIX
    As low as €226.27 €187.00
  11. Haix Fire Flash Gamma HAIX
    As low as €240.79 €199.00
  12. Haix Fireman Yellow HAIX
    As low as €139.15 €115.00
  13. Haix Florian Pro HAIX
    As low as €209.33 €173.00
  14. Harvik Fireman's rubber boots
    As low as €111.93 €92.50
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1-15 of 100 items

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Firefighter boots and shoes

Haix firefighter boots and shoes for the fire brigade

Haix firefighter boots are suitable for the most extreme situations for firefighters and rescue services. Haix is a professional brand and is known for its innovative, safe and comfortable boots. Haix firefighter's boots are co-designed by firefighters for firefighters and available in entry-level models, with a lace or zip fastening and with or without saw protection. The absolute number one is the Haix Fire Hero 2, it offers all the protection and comfort and has a quick lacing system for easy on and off. A lighter model and also much chosen is the Haix Fire Eagle fire boot.

Haix work shoes with S3 protection

Haix work shoes with an S3 standard offer nose and sole protection and protect the feet from falling and sharp objects. These work shoes are also available in a metal-free version and are especially suitable for work at airports and to prevent metal detection gates from going off. The Haix Airpower XR1, Haix Nevada Pro Mid (also available in a lower model) and the Black Eagle Safety shoes such as the Haix Black Eagle Safety 54 Mid are all metal-free and comply with the S3 norm.

Haix work shoes for the police, security or the office

Haix is the specialist in the field of police and security shoes for daily use. The Haix collection of police and security shoes is already widely used by the Dutch police and security. The shoes are lightweight, offer protection to joints and back and are extremely suitable for many hours of walking. The lower Haix Police and Security models, such as the Office Leather and the Airpower C1, are often used in the office and fit neatly under trousers. For rough work, the higher models, such as the Airpower P6 are a good option.

Extend the life of your Haix shoes

Protecting and maintaining your Haix shoes starts with using the right care materials. Make the shoes dirt and water repellent by using the Haix Waterproof Spray, Haix Leather Grease Black or Haix Leather Grease Clear. Haix Leather Grease can only be used on smooth leather shoes and boots. The Waterproof spray is universal and can be used on all types of leather and textiles. Make sure your shoes are dry and clean before you spray or grease them!