Fire helmets

Firefighter Helmets

The complete range of MSA Firefighter Helmets offers reliable head protection for firefighting in buildings, for natural fires and rescues, for first aid in traffic accidents and for operations in risk areas.

Types of MSA Firefighter helmets

The F2-XTREM helmet is ideal as head protection for all kinds of activities, such as forest fire fighting, technical assistance, Urban Search and Rescue and traffic accidents. The F1-XF fire helmet has been developed in cooperation with firefighters around the world and sets a new standard for firefighter helmets. These firefighter's helmets can be assembled entirely to your wishes and can easily be ordered by sending us an e-mail with the desired options.

Development and innovations in firefighter helmets

As the market leader in the European market for head protection, MSA has set itself the goal of providing adequate protection for fire fighters, aeroplane and helicopter pilots, soldiers and police officers. MSA develops head protection systems, including integrated accessories such as lights and communication systems, which offer a high degree of safety and effectiveness.