Chemical protective clothing

Chemical protective clothing

Chemical protective suits for industry, shipping, hospitals, emergencies and the fire brigade.

We offer a wide range of chemical protective suits and PPE. The chemical suits are light, flexible, offer protection against dangerous chemical liquids and are available in different versions and colours.

Chemical clothing

According to European legislation, clothing that offers protection against chemicals is always considered to be a category III PPE. This means that it protects the user against the highest risks, the outcome of which, in the event of an accident, could even be fatal or irreversible.

Checklist for purchasing a chemical protective suit

Before purchasing chemical protective clothing, a checklist should be completed to prevent future situations in which the protection proves inadequate or incompatible. The checklist can be used to determine whether, and to what extent, the combination of protective clothing and other PPE affects the user's wearing comfort. The combination could constitute a dangerous work situation due to over-protection. Therefore, it must be determined whether and to what extent the chemical protective clothing:

  • Can be combined with breathing protection
  • Can be fitted with a cooling system
  • Can be fitted with communication facilities
  • Can be combined with head protection
  • Applicable with eye and face protection
  • Is feasible with ear protection
  • Can be combined with foot protection
  • Can be combined with other chemical protective clothing (hood, gloves, etc.

3 grades of protective clothing

There are three grades of chemical protective clothing: splashproof, liquid-proof and gas-proof.
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