Fire suits

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  1. VIKIING Jacket Guardian suit (PBI) VIKING
    €1,006.72 €832.00
  2. VIKING Pants Guardian suit (PBI) VIKING
    €794.97 €657.00
  3. VIKING Jacket Supreme PS6808 VIKING
    As low as €796.18 €658.00
  4. VIKING Trouser Supreme PS6859 VIKING
    As low as €591.69 €489.00
  5. VIKING Fireman's outfit SOLAS VIKING
    €786.50 €650.00
  6. VIKING Fire fighter Trousers SOLAS VIKING
    €308.55 €255.00
  7. VIKING Fire fighter Jacket SOLAS VIKING
    €463.43 €383.00
  8. VIKING Jacket Economy PS8400 VIKING
    As low as €458.59 €379.00
  9. VIKING Fire fighter trousers Economy PS8450 VIKING
    As low as €262.57 €217.00
  10. VIKING Jacket Advance PS6209 VIKING
    As low as €648.56 €536.00
  11. VIKING Fire Fighter trousers Advance PS1050 VIKING
    As low as €510.62 €422.00
  12. VIKING PS6598 Firemansuit XL VIKING
    €963.74 €796.48
  13. VIKING bag big VIKING
    €37.45 €30.95
  14. Name badge VIKING VIKING
    €15.13 €12.50
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Firefighter suits

Fire fighting suits and intervention clothing from VIKING provide protection when carrying out life-saving tasks. In accordance with standards EN469 and NFPA 197,

Innovative fire fighting clothing

Hobrand and VIKING offer a wide range of fire fighting suits and related accessories with a focus on thermal protection and reduced heat exposure. The innovative design allows firefighters to retain energy longer and concentrate fully on saving lives. Thermal protection, protection against flashover and reducing the risk of heat stress are our main themes. Our specially designed fire fighting suits including the innovative use of multiple thermal layers, good ventilation and flexibility contribute to more effective fire fighting.

In terms of occupational hygiene, it is important that turnout gear is clean; a light-coloured turnout gear is easier to see when it is dirty and needs to be cleaned. We have washing products from Diversey for cleaning fire fighting clothing and we design and install complete breathing apparatus workshops equipped with washing machines and drying cabinets, among other things.

Top quality fabrics

We take safety seriously and only use fabrics of the very highest quality. Fabrics for the outer shell can consist of: Strong NOMEX® outer layer, NOMEX® Hainsworth® TITAN outer layer with double protection, NOMEX® III, PBI Matrix®, Moisture Barrier 2-layer and 3-layer, GORE-TEX® Airlock® and GORE-TEX® Fireblocker®.

Tailor-made and approved fire fighting clothing

VIKING's innovative fire fighting suits are developed in close cooperation with our demanding international customers. We can tailor our designs to meet specifications of widely accepted standards or to provide an even higher level of protection.