Survival suits

Survival suits

Survival suits and immersion suits from VIKING are tested according to the standards. They offer optimal protection, comfort and durability for the toughest conditions at sea. All rescue workers on drilling rigs, passenger ships, fishing boats and helicopters are advised to wear immersion suits.

Maritime safety

VIKING is the global leader in maritime safety and fire protection. We provide essential safety equipment for commercial shipping, yachts, fishing vessels, offshore installations, defence and fire fighting.

Coastal rescues

Immersion suits are ideally suited for coastal rescues. VIKING immersion suits are SOLAS approved and available without insulation as immersion suits for 1 hour or with insulation as immersion suits for 6 hours of use.

Inspection of immersion suits

Hobrand has an inspection station for survival suits. The survival suits are pressurized in our workshop in Tiel and tested for leaks. All components of the suit are inspected and repaired if necessary. You will receive a certificate upon approval of the suit. We can inspect all brands and types of survival suits.

Buying a survival suit?

We are happy to advise you on the purchase of a survival suit. We supply survival suits from stock from our branch in Tiel. Hobrand is a total supplier of safety and rescue equipment.