Breathing air cylinder inspection

Breathing air cylinder inspection

Hobrand takes care of periodical inspections and complete overhauls (internal and external blasting, spraying, painting, etc.) of respiratory air cylinders in accordance with steam-industry guidelines.

It is compulsory for breathing air cylinders to be re-inspected every 5 years. For this re-inspection, every individual breathing air cylinder must be subjected to a hydrostatic pressure test and an endoscopic inspection must be performed on the inside of each cylinder.

The breathing air cylinders must be inspected by an AKI certified person. Hobrand offers this re-inspection. We carry out the re-inspection in one continuous process within your safety region and we take care of the logistical process so that a breathing air cylinder can be used again quickly.


  • Check of the composite material of the breathing air cylinder and the plastic/aluminium inner jacket combination.
  • Dismantling and - after inspection - fitting of the valve including a new seal on the breathing air cylinder.
  • Hydrostatic test 450 Bar on site (computer-controlled in test basin).
  • Drying of the breathing air cylinders with a specific drying technique.
  • Internal inspection of each individual breathing air cylinder by means of endoscopy by an AKI certified person.
  • Marking of the breathing air cylinder by means of an inspection sticker.
  • Certification of the breathing air cylinder.


  • Registration in your management system.
  • Repair of breathing air cylinders.
  • Check/revision of shut-off valve + outflow protection:
    • Preventive overhaul
    • Replacement in case of defect
    • Replace seal

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