Inspections of safety equipment


Fire fighting equipment is used intensively. To keep the equipment in optimal condition, it is necessary to maintain it properly. Timely maintenance prevents failures and brings any defects to your attention. Our organisation has many years of experience in the inspections of work equipment and we adapted our working methods accordingly. During inspections, we always aim to keep the vehicles ready for use so that they do not have to be reported off duty. Hobrand is happy to provide its customers with periodic inspections that are required by law. We are brand-independent and can therefore inspect the equipment of any manufacturer.


We carry out structured inspections at your location. We inspect each item individually, per vehicle/container/service center, so that the vehicle remains operational and downtime is prevented. Due to the fact that we can inspect/organise all items of the vehicle, we can ensure that the burden on your organisation is kept to a minimum and that the inspection frequency/visit is kept to a minimum.


Do you have a question about the inspection of your fire fighting equipment? Please contact us by sending an e-mail to or call us on workdays at +31(0)344 663 344.