FLIR stands for "Forward looking infrared" and was founded in America in 1978. Flir is worldwide market leader in the design and manufacture of thermal infrared camera systems. Hobrand is official FLIR dealer and our range consists of FLIR thermal imaging cameras. The FLIR thermal imaging cameras shows heat that is not visible to the eye. Based on the intensity of the infrared radiation, the temperature of the object or surface becomes visible to the human eye in a thermal image on the thermal imager.

FLIR thermal imagers are valuable orientation aids when fire, darkness or smoke make navigation difficult. Hobrand has been named - as only distributor - as a Gold Partner of FLIR cameras! We have received this award because of our reliability and service. Because of the fact that the choice of thermal imaging cameras is wide, Hobrand is happy to think along with you to find the right product for you.

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