Ramfan EX 420

Ramfan EX 420

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The Ramfan EX 420 equipped with PowerSteam® air straighteners that produce a powerful, straight, focused beam of air, allowing the fan to be set back further from a structure’s entrance without sacrificing PPV performance.



Ramfan EX 420 pressure relief fan.

EX 420 features a 7-blade polymer turbo force propeller.
For improved shock resistance and performance.
The fan is equipped with a powershroud, this improves the airflow, so you can put the fan further away from the object without loss of capacity.
Big advantages are, that you can keep the entrance/exit free of obstacles and less noise in the object.
It is also just like the EV20 equipped with an adjustable speed.


More Information

More Information
Proceeds according to AMCA 19,365 M3
Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 57x43x47 cm
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